PFAS—highly toxic persistent chemicals—are contaminating drinking water for millions of people across the nation and here in Washington. 

Thankfully, Washington state is a leader in taking action on PFAS and the state legislature is considering further action this year to protect communities, firefighters and drinking water with the Safer Firefighting Foam Act (HB 2265)!

Please take action to help pass this important bill!

In 2018, Washington became the first state in the nation to ban the sale of PFAS-containing firefighting foam–a groundbreaking law which many of you helped win! But the final law left out some major users of PFAS-containing foam: airports, chemical plants and oil facilities.

The Safer Firefighting Foam Act will finish the job started two years ago and put all users on a timeline for phasing out PFAS foams—protecting the safety of our drinking water, other bodies of water, and the health of firefighters. 

These are dangerous chemicals that must be phased out. There are PFAS-free firefighting foams that are in use around the world. 

Please urge your Washington State legislators to support the Safer Firefighting Foam Act!