We just revealed that thousands of kids’ products sold in Washington continue to contain chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and learning problems. We know this because makers of these products filed over 8700 reports of toxic chemicals in everything from kids’ lip gloss to toothbrushes to underwear. These chemicals have no business in products for kids!

Ten years after passage of a landmark reporting law, it is time to take action on the harmful chemicals that have been reported year after year. The Washington State Legislature needs to give our state agencies the authority to take action on these chemicals by passing the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act. Send your legislators an email now!

The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act (SSB 5135) will direct the Department of Ecology to identify and take action on chemicals in consumer products that pose a risk to sensitive populations, like children and pregnant women, as well as sensitive species like orcas. It is the bold action we need to protect our future.

It is up to us to show that Washingtonians want products free of harmful chemicals to protect kids, pregnant women, and yes, even orcas. Send a message to your legislators urging their support of the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act!