The final countdown has begun: less than one week remains for the Legislature to take BOLD ACTION to protect the health of people and orcas from toxic pollution. The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act (SSB 5135) needs your help to get a vote in the House in the next three days.

The chemical industry and their allies are stepping up their opposition every day and it is up to YOU to make sure your legislators stand up to the pressure! Please contact your representatives and urge their support!

Toxic chemicals put in consumer products can contaminate our homes and the environment, harming both people and orcas. In fact, the five classes of toxic chemicals prioritized by the bill for action–PFAS, phthalates, PCBs, phenolic compounds, and toxic flame retardants–are found in people, breastmilk, wastewater, Puget Sound, and wildlife.

We know that safer alternatives can be used to make everything from shampoo to furniture. It is time we demand safer alternatives for our health and the health of orcas. Please contact your representatives now and urge their support of SSB 5135.