Toxic-Free Future lobbies lawmakers, organizes communities, and empowers people to win stronger health protections. Our 2019 state legislative priorities are below.

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Protecting Our Future By Preventing Toxic Pollution (SSB 5135)

The recent focus on the decline of Puget Sound’s orcas and the recognition that toxic chemicals are one of the main threats to their survival is a wake-up call that our current way of regulating chemicals is failing.

Toxic-Free Future is supporting the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act (SSB 5135) to stop stop chemicals harming people and orcas at their source, and prevent pollution before it contaminates our homes and environment.

Protecting Health and Environment from Toxic Firefighting Foam (HB 1143)

The widespread use of firefighting foam containing harmful nonstick PFAS chemicals has contaminated our environment and drinking water, and poses a health risk for firefighters. Last session, the legislature banned the use of this foam for most users.

Toxic-Free Future is supporting HB 1143, a bill that requires anyone discharging PFAS-containing firefighting foam into the environment to notify the state so that appropriate health and environmental measures can be taken. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Kristine Reeves (D-Federal Way).

Acting for Orca Recovery

The southern resident orcas are on the brink of extinction. Toxic-Free Future is supporting proposal to address the three biggest threats to orcas: their lack of food, impacts from noise and toxic pollution. Specifically, the legislature must act to:

  1. Healthy shoreline habitat (HB 1579 and SB 5580).
  2. Establish a “slow-go zone” around the orcas to allow them to forage (HB 1580 | SB 5577).
  3. Stop sources of emerging contaminants that impact orcas (HB 1194 and SB 5135).