Those of us lucky enough to consider ourselves residents of the Puget Sound region rely on the Sound for its exceptional beauty, for recreation of many kinds, and for our economy. But besides the human residents, the fish and wildlife that call Puget Sound home rely on it for clean water and safe food.

Unfortunately, the Sound has been more successful in recent years at remaining beautiful than in providing the clean water and food sources that wildlife like killer whales need. Here’s a look into¬†some of the chemical pollutants that have contaminated our fish and wildlife and pose one of the greatest threats to their survival.

A Fireproof Puget Sound: Toxic Flame Retardants

A Non-Sticky Situation: Perfluorinated Compounds (Teflon Chemicals)

Puget Sound’s Toxic Treadmill: Phthalates

Sex Changes: BPA and Endocrine Disruptors

The Chemicals That Just Won’t Go Away: PCBs

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