The Issue

During the first week of June 2016, the US Senate finished up the job of passing a major overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the federal law regulating toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, Congress failed to give American families, consumers, and health-affected communities what they desperately want: assurance that toxic chemicals in consumer products won’t harm their health. That’s why state governments, environmental health watchdogs, and everyday individuals will continue to play a vital role in protecting health from harmful chemicals.

The Solution

TSCA may not be all that we hoped, but TSCA reform happened because all of us demanded stronger toxics laws in our communities, states, and at the federal level. This progress can’t end and won’t.

  • Under the new TSCA, all of us must continue to be vigilant and demand stronger federal chemical policy.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency must be held accountable for implementing the new law in the best way possible. This includes making decisions using the best information available and protecting the health of the most vulnerable.
  • States must continue to push the federal government to act and, when necessary, pass their own laws to protect their residents and environment as they have for 30 years. Read what we’re doing as part of our Safer States key issue

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