The Issue

Residents of Seattle take pride in the city’s role as an environmental leader regionally and nationally. And the City of Seattle has and should continue to make decisions that ensure its residents enjoy a healthier, more sustainable future. From pesticide-free parks to toxic-free procurement policies, Seattle has historically led the charge to minimize toxics exposure for its residents at the local level, and Toxic-Free Future has been a key collaborator in those achievements. Looking forward, Toxic-Free Future sees even more opportunities to work with the City of Seattle to continue to grow and leverage earlier actions for greater change.

Toxic-Free Future wants to ensure that Seattle is leading the way toward a healthier tomorrow for expectant moms, young children, city workers, and everyone who lives, works, and plays here. While we need stronger laws to make sure harmful chemicals are not harming our more vulnerable residents, it is also up to local government do their part.

Toxic-Free Future is teaming up with Healthy Babies, Bright Futures to establish Seattle as a model city that takes comprehensive steps to reduce exposure to chemicals known to be harmful to your health and the environment. This work aims for the adoption of policies and practices by the City of Seattle that prevent and mitigate lead (Pb)exposures, cut back on city purchases that contain toxic chemicals, and eliminate harmful chemicals in childcare centers.

The Solutions

In 2017 and 2018, Toxic-Free Future will establish new approaches in Seattle to protect people and the environment from harmful chemicals and solidify the city as a model for other cities across the country. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Work closely with the national campaign Healthy Babies Bright Futures to identify policy options for the City of Seattle to reduce the use of neurotoxic chemicals such as lead, toxic flame retardants, and phthalates that are most harmful during the first 1,000 days of a Seattle child’s life. TFF will help the City of Seattle prioritize actions and proactively adopt those that will most protect children’s neurological development.
  • Conduct a scientific study to test 50 Seattle homes for sources of lead, which is especially toxic to children, help families protect themselves from lead hazards, and use this effort to build towards policy initiatives that establish Seattle as a national leader.
  • Help protect children from toxic flame retardants by testing the effect of switching out nap mats that contain toxic flame retardants in childcare centers serving low-income families across Seattle. Based on the results, TFF will help the city come up with new guidance for childcare centers city-wide.
  • Establish model procurement policies that are adopted by the City of Seattle, including a focus on purchasing products that do not contain toxic flame retardants or phthalates to reduce exposures of city workers and push for change in the marketplace. TFF will collaborate with the city to expand their existing sustainable procurement work to include other especially persistent and harmful chemicals not yet identified in official city policy.

Join Our Campaign

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