The Issue

Many of the toxic chemicals polluting Washington’s waters and wildlife come from the same sources as the chemicals found in humans: consumer products we use in our homes, in our cars, and on our bodies. Weak state and federal chemical laws allowed these chemicals—that we KNOW are harmful–to be put in these items.

We must ensure these dangerous chemicals be removed from consumer products or in manufacturing processes so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and thriving environment.

The Clean and Healthy Waters Campaign is underway to help achieve this goal.

The Solution

We must break the cycle of polluting, cleaning up the pollution, and then re-polluting. This toxic treadmill is inefficient, costs millions in taxpayer dollars, and continues to threaten water quality. Eventually time will run out.

To get off this toxic treadmill:

  • Companies should be required to disclose whether they are using harmful chemicals in products and manufacturing.
  • The most dangerous chemicals should be banned in favor of safer alternatives.
  • Manufacturers should be required to assess the use of alternatives to harmful chemicals and choose the safest chemicals and materials.

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