The Issue

Food gives us energy, sustains us, keeps us alive. It is a basic need like clean water and air. The food we eat shouldn’t contain chemicals that can hurt us.

Unfortunately, like water and air, our food has not escaped toxic chemicals. We eat hidden toxic chemicals that are allowed in our food without our knowledge, contributing to the chemical load our bodies carry every day.

From hormone-disrupting phthalates in dairy products, to cancer-causing toxic flame retardants in meat, to cancer-causing perfluorinated chemicals in microwave popcorn, the food we feed our families can contain harmful chemicals.

Some of these chemicals enter the food through processing or leach into food from food packaging. Some may enter the food supply because of contamination of soil, air, or water. We are already exposed to many of these same toxic chemicals due to their use in consumer products when we breathe the air or are exposed to dust in our homes.

Very few laws restrict toxic chemicals in food, food processing equipment, or food packaging. Toxic-Free Future is working to change these laws and encourage food companies to be leaders in the marketplace by eliminating toxic chemicals in their food products.

The Solution

The food we feed our families shouldn’t contain chemicals that could make them sick.

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