What do sperm, kids, salmon, and orcas have in common besides that they all swim? All can be harmed by toxic chemicals put in consumer products, and all need our help!

The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act will take action on chemicals that negatively impact fertility, our children, and orcas and their prey.

The bill recently cleared a major hurdle and passed the Senate! Now the bill must pass the House before reaching the Governor’s desk. Please send a message to your representatives urging their support of this bill to save the swimmers!

The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act prioritizes action on five classes of chemicals, which are found in our homes, breastmilk, wastewater, and marine life. We know that chemicals put in consumer products are not good for many of the swimmers in our life! The legislature has the opportunity to stop these chemicals at their source, preventing pollution before it contaminates our homes and the environment.

Now that the bill passed the Senate, the chemical industry opposition is heating up. We need all the help we can get to see that this bill passes! Please help save the swimmers and send your representatives an email urging their support!

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