What is the Court Order?

In January 2004, U.S. District Judge John Coughenour granted an injunction that restricts the use of more than 30 pesticides near salmon-bearing streams and requires point-of-sale warnings on products containing pesticides that may harm salmon. The interim measures set forth in the ruling put in place no-spray buffers of 100 yards for aerial applications of pesticides and 20 yards for ground applications, with exceptions for uses that are less likely to pollute water. 

Download Judge Coughenour’s 2004 Order (752kb PDF file)

How can Local Governments Protect Salmon From Pesticides?

Local governments have a unique role in modeling compliance with the court injunction and in going beyond the ruling to take actions that will protect salmon from pesticides.

We encourage local governments to do the following (click the links for more information):

  • Comply with the ruling, ensuring that the restricted pesticides are not applied on city or county property within the buffer zones;
  • Educate residents about both their need to comply with the buffer zones and actions they can take to reduce pesticide use; and
  • Adopt a policy to reduce pesticide use and protect salmon.

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