Educating Residents

Local governments can educate residents by providing information about alternatives to pesticides and salmon protection on their websites and through mailings, such as utility bill inserts and water quality related newsletters.

King County and the City of Seattle have prepared excellent materials that can be reproduced and provided by other local governments:

  • Natural Yard Care brochure – This excellent publication provides five easy steps for taking care of your lawn without the use of dangerous pesticides.
  • Natural Pest Weed and Disease Control brochure – This easy-to-read guide teaches people how to manage pests using least toxic practices and products (click on the PDF file link on right side of page).
  • ProIPM Fact Sheets – These fact sheets are excellent resources for learning about integrated pest management (IPM). They also provide information on northwest pests and diseases and how best to handle them without using pesticides.

Which Cities Will Have Salmon Hazard Warnings?

Salmon Hazard Warnings are required in urban areas with a population base of at least 50,000. Smaller towns are included when in close proximity to larger cities. For example, Maple Valley, Washington (a city of 14,209) is included since it is near Seattle (a city of 563,374). 

View a list of affected cities in Washington. (32kb PDF file)

You can also view the Salmon Hazard Warning sign. (220kb PDF file)

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