For detailed information on the streamside no-spray buffers mandated by the recent court decision, see the Washington Department of Agriculture’s website. Also featured there is a map of the state showing the affected areas.

  • <press-link date=”2004-05-18″>U.S. District Court Keeps No-Spray Pesticide Buffers in Place to Protect Salmon
  • <press-link date=”2004-01-22″>Court Stops Pesticide Spraying Along Salmon Streams and Requires Salmon Warnings in Urban Home and Garden Stores
  • <press-link date=”2003-07-17″>Court to Order Restrictions on Water-Polluting Pesticides to Protect Endangered Salmon
  • <press-link date=”2002-07-03″>Court Orders Federal Government to Ensure Pesticide Use Will Not Harm Salmon
  • <press-link date=”2002-11-27″>Environmental, Fishing Groups Seek Court Action to Limit Pesticide Pollution
  • <pr_2001_01_30>Groups File for Injunction to Protect Salmon from Harmful Pesticides