Judge Coughenour’s 2004 court order (Section III.A) directs retailers to notify consumers that certain pesticides pose a hazard to salmon by providing “Salmon Hazard” warnings. In early 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency created Salmon Hazard warnings, and the pesticide industry group CropLife distributed them to stores in April 2004.

Download Judge Coughenour’s 2004 Order (752Kb PDF file)

How to notify consumers
On or around April 5, 2006, you should have received a small packet containing printed notices that look like this:

Download “Salmon Hazard” signs here.
Under a January 2004 court order, retailers in urban areas where threatened or endangered salmon are found are required to provide these warnings when pesticides containing any of the following ingredients are sold:

2,4-D, carbaryl, diazinon, diuron, malathion, triclopyr BEE, and trifluralin

To ensure that purchasers of products containing those ingredients are aware of the warning, the Salmon Hazard notices should be affixed to the shelves where these products are stocked.

For additional information or to obtain the Salmon Hazard notice contact CropLife America at 202-296-1585.

How to educate consumers
The Washington Toxics Coalition can provide extensive educational materials to give to consumers. Please contact Information Services for more information.

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