The news of a new orca birth and that several orcas are pregnant is reason to hope for the future of these majestic animals. But it’s also reason to strengthen our resolve to act now for orcas.

Please send your legislators a message now urging them to take action on the three biggest threats to orcas: their lack of food, impacts from noise, and toxic pollution.

The Environmental Priorities Coalition, a coalition of Washington’s leading health and environmental groups of which Toxic-Free Future is a founding member, is backing the Orca Emergency Priority to address this triple threat. 

The Orca Emergency Priority includes:

  1. HB 1194 and SB 5135 to reduce toxic pollution impacting orca families as well as human health
  2. HB 1579 and SB 5580 to protect habitat for salmon and forage fish
  3. HB 1580 and SB 5577 to decrease in vessel noise and disturbance so orcas have adequate time to feed. 

Please send a message to your legislators today asking them to take action for orcas!