Congress is in agreement: we don’t need to choose between safe drinking water and fighting fires! Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have voted to phase out the military’s use of firefighting foam containing toxic PFAS chemicals in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). But the Trump administration has strongly objected to the toxic foam ban and threatened a veto of the bill!

The bill is now in conference committee where the final provisions are being worked out by leaders, including Representative Adam Smith of Washington, who has helped ensure PFAS provisions are included in the bill so far. It’s important that the final bill is as strong as possible by the time it reaches President Trump’s desk.

Please send Representative Smith a message that you appreciate all his leadership and ask him to include strong PFAS provisions in the final bill! 

There are two provisions that are key:

  • The military should phase out PFAS foam no later than 2023.
  • PFAS should be designated as hazardous substances in the Superfund law, requiring that contaminated sites be cleaned up.

Please take action now!