Congress is in agreement: we don’t need to choose between safe drinking water and fighting fires! Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have voted to phase out the military’s use of firefighting foam containing toxic PFAS chemicals in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). But now the Trump administration is threatening to veto this important action.

The use of PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam has caused drinking water contamination for millions of Americans across the country, including in Washington state. Banning the use of PFAS in military foams will go a long way to stop continued pollution of drinking water, and Congress is prepared to pass this measure. Just Trump is left standing in the way!

The best thing we can do to counter Trump’s veto threat is to make sure the NDAA is as strong as possible by the time it gets to his desk, and that it has broad support. Congressman Adam Smith has been instrumental in this effort: by helping to make sure it included provisions in the House version of the bill. As Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Smith will play an important role in the conference committee that will iron out differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. Please send Rep. Smith a message that you appreciate all his great work and encourage him to continue standing up to President Trump!

Specifically, there are two measures we need to make sure remain in the NDAA. The military should phase out PFAS foam at the soonest possible timeline, and PFAS chemicals should be designated as hazardous substances in the Superfund law, requiring that contaminated sites be cleaned up.

Communities across the country are struggling with contaminated drinking water, and they deserve to come before special interests. Trump won’t deny funding our troops–let’s keep the NDAA strong! Take action now.