Our nationally recognized science director takes on the toughest challenges and always calls it like it is. Whether it’s summiting Mt. Rainier or taking on the billion-dollar chemical giants like Chemours (formerly DuPont), Erika is decisive, brave and doesn’t hold back.

Check out her quote in a recent Politco article announcing Chemours’ decision to get out of PFAS food packaging:

“Erika Schreder, science director at Toxic-Free Future, an advocacy and research group that lobbies policymakers to strengthen chemical protections, said Chemours’ decision reflects the reality that the chemicals are ‘dangerous and unnecessary.’

‘When PFAS is used in food packaging, we end up with these persistent chemicals in our food and in our bodies, and when we’re done eating, the packaging ends up contaminating compost and water,’ Schreder told POLITICO.”

Toxic-Free Future’s research:

  • Makes the scientific case for why companies, like Chemours, should stop making and using PFAS in food packaging
  • Helps win laws that ban PFAS
  • Puts critical information in the hands of consumers who are driving the demand for safer alternatives

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