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A Research Project by WTC

Study completed in collaboration with the Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center and the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition.

New tests by the Washington Toxics Coalition reveal that children spend their first nine months in an environment that exposes them to known toxic chemicals.

Washington Toxics Coalition tested nine pregnant women, from Washington, Oregon, and California, for chemicals including bisphenol A, phthalates, mercury, and “Teflon chemicals.” The first-of-its kind study tested blood and urine from pregnant women during their second trimester of pregnancy and found their bodies contaminated with chemicals found in a wide variety of consumer products.

The Report:

Healthy Tips Sheets:

Chemicals of Concern:

Study Participants Videos

Molly Gray – Dissapointed with Results

Jen Pinter Talks to Congress

Alex Rosenstein

Jen Pinter “No Way”

Molly Gray – To Protect Next Generation

Jen Pinter “Oh My Phthalates”

Molly Gray- High Levels of Mercury Despite Her Best Efforts During Pregnancy