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Methylene chloride ban – big victory after long fight

We’ve come a long way from the days when anyone with a DIY project could go to the hardware store and buy paint strippers with methylene chloride. Now, methylene chloride is banned not only in paint strippers, but in all consumer and most industrial uses of this dangerous chemical.
For the past two years, Toxic-Free Future has had the good fortune to partner with Gladys Ly-Au Young, principal at SKL Architects, as we seek to expand the use of healthier building materials. Along with being an accomplished architect, Gladys is a passionate and inspiring advocate who brings people together to move toward a common […]
The transition from PFAS-based to fluorine-free foam has been one of the swiftest, and at the same time most impactful, market transformations we have ever seen.
My husband Greg told me he wanted a new raincoat. I found the perfect PFAS-free coat with about an hour’s work. Here’s how I did it.

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Photo credit: Tom Wilson Our scientific research does a lot of heavy lifting! From studies on toxic chemicals in breast milk to investigations into the chemicals that are released from products into our homes, we use our research to uncover gaps of scientific understanding and bring important environmental health issues to the forefront. Ultimately, this […]
A key Senate committee missed a significant opportunity to protect the health of drinking water last week.
As we remember the East Palestine anniversary, we are calling on The Home Depot to step up and phase out vinyl chloride and PVC.
A female sales clerk holding a receipt at a cash register
New testing underscores the urgent need for retailers and states to ban unnecessary, dangerous bisphenols in favor of safer substitutes.
A woman standing in a store, looking at the label on a bottle of shampoo
EPA’s Safer Choice helps consumers avoid dangerous chemicals in the products they buy.   
A construction worker installing new vinyl windows
Toxic-Free Future and partners created a new tool called the Healthy Materials Matrix that makes it easier for affordable housing developers to avoid toxic chemicals and create healthier housing. 
The next Retailer Report Card will feature a revamped scoring rubric and a new list of high priority chemicals and plastics to further catalyze market transformation away from toxic chemicals and plastics and towards safer solutions.

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