In 2013, we launched the Mind the Store campaign to challenge the nation’s largest retailers. The campaign urges them to eliminate toxic chemicals in products and packaging and develop comprehensive safer chemicals policies. Our campaign is working to transform the marketplace and drive a competitive race to the top.

We have reason for hope. Since we launched the campaign, we have convinced some of the nation’s biggest retailers to phase out numerous toxic chemicals from key products and packaging. These include BPA, phthalates, PFAS, flame retardants, and methylene chloride.

Given the urgency of the public health crisis we face, retailers must continue to drive harmful chemicals out of commerce.

It’s time for leading retailers to “mind the store” and meet the rising consumer demand for transparency and safe, healthy products. The health of our families demands it.

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Check out our successes page for the latest wins. To see how your favorite retailer ranks on toxic chemicals, check out our annual Who’s Minding the Store? retailer report card.