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It’s summertime! Yellowjackets are circling the potato salad, fruit flies are feasting on the peaches on the counter, and an army of ants is marching towards your kitchen compost. Keep your sanity during the bug season while keeping your family safe from pesticides! These pests are bothersome but there are surprisingly effective ways to combat them without resorting to chemicals. Below are some basics on prevention and control measures.
With warming soil temperatures and last frost, the month of April shouts garden time! Children can be helpful garden companions and there is much in the garden to delight them and you.
Most people agree that eliminating toxic chemicals from the home is a healthy choice. Yet, one of the most common things I hear from friends (including my husband) is that going toxic-free is too expensive, especially these days when household budgets are tight. But a toxic-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be one that only a few can enjoy.  There are many ways to protect our families from toxic chemicals without breaking the bank. Nobody knows these easy, cheap tips better than Toxic-Free Future’s own staff and board. So we asked our coworkers and board members about their favorite low-cost tips to eliminate harmful chemicals in the home.
It’s almost spring, time to make sure you lawn is in shape for the munchkins to play on. The good news—you can have a good looking lawn that is safe for your little ones and pets to play on and safe for aquatic life too.
Summer is finally here, which means long days and evenings outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather!  However, that means bugs and mosquitoes are out in force too, and being covered in itchy bites is no fun.  We’ve got all the advice you need to keep the bugs away so you can play!
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