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We conduct our own research to solve real-world problems.

Tackling toxic chemicals involves complex science and systems. Through our original research and investigative reports, our scientists bring important environmental health issues to the forefront to support policymakers, corporate decision makers, government agencies, health advocates, and non-scientists in making an impact. 

By uncovering information about how toxic chemicals are getting into our homes, schools, workplaces, and environment, we fill in the gaps of scientific understanding behind the problem. 

We make complicated issues easy to understand for everyone.

Making science come alive for people provides them with the information they need to protect their families and moves them to act, whether as individuals or as key decision-makers in government or business.

Support our scientific research and strategic investigations

Meet Our Science Director

Toxic-Free Future’s science program is led by Erika Schreder, science director. Learn more about Erika and how she develops scientific studies to advance our mission of making transformational changes in the marketplace and government, with safer products available to everyone.