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For more than four decades, Toxic-Free Future has led the fight for prevention-based laws that protect people, communities, wildlife, and the environment from toxic chemicals, plastics, and pollution.  

We have worked alongside environmental and social justice organizations, health professionals, unions, government officials, and state agencies to establish Washington state as a national leader in setting strong protections. Many other states and the federal government have acted following Washington’s lead.

Our work includes:

  • Conducting research and publishing studies on toxic hazards found in products, people, wildlife, and waterways.
  • Advocating at the state level to advance strong laws that protect health and the environment, especially the most vulnerable populations and species.
  • Pressing Washington-based companies to lead by example and adopt policies that result in safer products and less pollution.
  • Partnering with environmental, faith, labor, health, justice, and community-based organizations as well as people who are highly impacted by exposures to harmful chemicals and pollution.

For more on our work in Washington state, check out our page on Washington State Healthy Communities.

Safer Products for Washington

Washington state passed precedent-setting legislation in 2019, the Safer Products for Washington Act. Protecting people and the environment from toxic pollution, this legislation is the nation’s strongest law regulating toxic chemicals in products—a major source of contamination in our homes, food, waterways, and bodies.

Safer Products for Washington image of the Capitol of Olympia

Campaign: Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act 2023

Thousands of cosmetics and personal care products are used by people every day and the chemicals used to make them are largely unregulated. Besides potentially harming the person using the product, products with these toxic ingredients can also cause larger-scale pollution problems during manufacturing and after disposal. This is why we are advocating for Washington’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (HB 1047).



Our Washington state work has resulted in many years of victories, including more than a dozen laws that have set the bar for the nation.

Some highlights from 40 years of victories include:

2022: Winning a new law to put Washington on the fastest timeline in the nation to ban PFAS in products. The Department of Ecology moved forward with proposing bans on four chemical classes in 10 product categories under Safer Products for Washington.

2021: Protecting the drinking water for six million people in Washington from PFAS by getting the state to adopt action levels in response to a 2017 petition.

2019: Winning a landmark law, Safer Products for Washington, which is leading the country in quickly assessing harmful chemicals in key products and resulting in regulatory action. As a result of this program, our state is set to put first-in-the-world bans in place, including PFAS in numerous products, phthalates in fragrances, bisphenols in thermal paper and beverage cans, and organohalogen flame retardants in casings of all indoor electronics.

2018: Kicking off a cascade of state laws addressing the entire class of PFAS with legislation banning PFAS in food packaging and firefighting foam.

2016: Passed legislation banning toxic flame retardants in children’s products and furniture, helping lead the charge to eliminate flame retardants from these product classes entirely.

2008: Fast action to address toxic chemicals like lead in children’s products with the Children’s Safe Products Act, followed the same year by similar legislation in several other states and Congress.