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A woman standing in a store looking at haircare products

The Safer Choice program has been successful at allowing consumers, at a glance, to know whether the household cleaning products they are purchasing are safer. Expanding this program to beauty and personal care products will help protect families and our environment, especially people of color who are disproportionately exposed to chemicals from these products. Too often, the chemicals in these products are obscured or purposely difficult to understand. A clear, trustworthy label that lets us know which products are truly safer is essential. 

Shockingly, there is significant opposition to expanding this voluntary program from national associations like the Personal Care Products Council, which represents the multi-billion-dollar cosmetics industry. But we are building support from businesses and associations that care about your health and are leading the way to a healthier future. 

The EPA and the White House should expand the Safer Choice program to more product categories, especially to beauty and personal care products. It will help consumers make better choices for our families and the environment and help safeguard us from harmful chemicals like PFAS. 

Urge Brenda Mallory, Chair of the White House Council for Environmental Quality, to expand Safer Choice today!

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