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Because children and babies have bodies and brains that are still developing, they are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals and pollution.


Children are exposed to toxic chemicals found in toys, household textiles and furniture, personal care products, clothes, and building materials. Since infants and toddlers live closer to the ground,  put their hands and objects in their mouths, and take in more food and water in proportion to their body weight, they can be more exposed to harmful chemicals. Babies are even exposed to chemicals such as PFAS and flame retardants found in breast milk!

We are...

  • Winning common-sense laws that prevent dangerous chemicals and pollution, resulting in safer homes, communities, schools, and child care centers
  • Working with retailers to remove toxic chemicals and plastics from products and packaging that pose unique risks to children’s health
  • Conducting scientific research on chemicals that threaten children’s health and identifying safer options

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