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Foods we need to stay healthy—like mother’s breast milk, fish, and vegetables—are contaminated by dangerous chemicals because of the way they are grown and processed and from industrial pollution. 


Widespread pesticide use means these toxic chemicals pollute the rivers and groundwater we rely on for drinking water, and food crops routinely test positive for pesticides. Industrial chemicals make their way into our food and water when factories discharge them to air and water. It is also a problem when incineration creates toxic chemicals like dioxin, when persistent chemicals leach out of landfills, and when food processing companies choose toxic chemicals for packaging or production.

Once drinking water is contaminated, cleanups are difficult and costly. That’s why Toxic-Free Future holds polluters accountable and advocates for rules that prevent this contamination in the first place.

We are...

  • Protecting baby’s first food from toxic chemicals like PFAS through groundbreaking studies and science-based recommendations
  • Empowering everyday consumers with resources and actions to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals that contaminate food
  • Holding polluters accountable for the high financial and health-related costs caused by contaminated drinking water
  • Exposing the facts of pollution, and the toll it is taking, on people who live near these industrial sites
  • Securing corporate and government policies that prevent toxic chemicals from contaminating food and drinking water

Support our work in cleaning up the food and drinking water supply!

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