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Nobody LOVES cleaning, but it's a job that we all do. Get your house safely clean this spring by following these tips to make sure you use safer cleaning products for both you and the environment.
Vacuuming is not just for keeping up appearances!  It’s actually an easy way to reduce unnecessary chemical exposure and common allergens in your home. Household dust contains many ingredients – some you’d expect, like pet dander, tracked-in soil, and dust mites. However, industrial chemicals like flame retardants, pesticides and heavy metals are also lurking in dust bunnies.
Mold is a living organism, requiring food and water and releasing thousands of tiny mold spores into the air to reproduce. All good and part of the natural order of life, until those microscopic spores enter our homes and grow indoors.
New parents get advice on all sorts of topics, including cleaning: Use disinfecting wipes on every surface your baby touches and she’ll never get sick! Your kid’s hands aren’t washed clean until the soap smell proves it! In the media and at the store we’re deluged with messages on the best way for busy moms and dads to clean homes so that our kids are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, some of these messages are misleading and end up selling us cleaning products with chemical ingredients that may do more harm than good. We’ve debunked a few common myths to give solid advice on how to keep a clean, healthy home while reducing your family’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in cleaning products.
painting home remodel
Revving up for a home remodel? Build a better home while protecting your family’s health by choosing less-toxic building materials and taking extra care during construction. Follow these tips for safer remodeling from start to finish.
When Hazel Salazar moved to Seattle from El Salvador to join her husband 20 years ago cleaning houses was the only job she could get. Her first client handed Salazar a bucket and a jug of pine-scented cleaner. Within hours the skin on Salazar’s hands had blistered. Over the course of the next three days it peeled away in sheets. Welcome to mainstream American cleaning products.
Choosing a Pest Management Professional When autumn cools the nights, bugs and critters seek warmth inside. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control pests without exposure to harmful chemicals is an effective approach that is healthier for your children, pets and the environment too.
You’re surrounded by people with runny noses. Every time you open or close the car door you’re picking up a sinister film of toxic road dust. And you’ve been petting the dog, who has just been, well, never mind. Time to attend to your hands. What do you reach for? Basically you have three choices. Soap, antibacterial soap, and hand sanitizer.
Getting ready to create a special space for your little ones to play? The Everyday SUPERHERO can tell you which paints, flooring, and furniture will ensure hours of happy and healthy playtime!
Whether you’re packing food for a picnic, going on a hike or storing leftovers, Dr. Plastics Expert tells you all you need to know about how to do it safely.