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A recent report that some crayons contain cancer-causing asbestos is a good reminder that not all art supplies are healthy choices for kids. But by following a few simple tips and choosing art supplies carefully, it’s easy to keep your kids’ artistic endeavors healthy and fun!

Tips For Healthier Art Projects

  • Do not allow children to eat or drink while using art supplies.
  • Closely supervise younger children who may chew on crayons, colored pencils, or brushes.
  • Stay clear of vapors from solvents, mists from sprays, and dusts from mixing dry paints and clays, which are easily inhaled.
  • Make sure to wash hands when finished.
  • When choosing art supplies, choose carefully. Use our guidelines for finding the least toxic options for paints, adhesives, modeling clay, and more.
  • Read labels carefully. The word “non-toxic “ can be a clue that the product is a less toxic option to a very hazardous product, though still not always completely safe for kids. Use our tips to decipher art supply labels.
  • Limit use of kitchen surfaces and utensils when creating.

Happy creating!