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There is no room at the table for toxic chemicals this Thanksgiving. Have a healthier turkey (or tofurkey) day with these quick tips!


  • Choose organic, when possible. Lighten your pesticide load by going organic with your fresh produce, especially for items that can contain the highest pesticide levels such as spinach, celery, and apples.  
  • Bring reusable glass containers to take home tasty leftovers from Thanksgiving gatherings. You know you’re going to want that leftover stuffing! Avoid packing it up in plastic containers, but if you have no choice, be picky with plastics! 
  • Use safer cleaning products! Whether you’re freshening up the house for the family or tackling dirty pots and pans with dishwashing soap and detergents, use EPA-certified Safer Choice cleaning products. There are hundreds of safer products to choose from in a wide variety of stores.
  • Choose cast iron and stainless steel over non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware can contain Teflon, which is made with toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.” A new study found they can also shed thousands of microplastics during cooking. Cast iron and stainless steel are safer alternatives.


  • Don’t use canned foods. While many companies have moved away from using BPA to line cans, in many cases they have switched to other harmful materials like PVC/vinyl. Consider using fresh or frozen foods instead, such as cranberries, green beans, and pie pumpkin.
  • Don’t eat a factory-farm turkey. If you can afford it, support healthier farming practices and choose a heritage, sustainable, or organic turkey instead. 
  • Don’t reheat food using plastic containers. Plastic containers can release toxic chemical additives when heated in the microwave. When it’s time to reheat those delicious leftovers, make sure to use glass or ceramic containers if using the microwave. Better yet, use the stove or oven (and safer cookware) to warm up your food!

We hope these tips can help you enjoy your delicious Thanksgiving dinner even more. Happy Thanksgiving!