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Other Ways to Give

Gifts of Stock
Planned Giving
Workplace Giving

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stocks to Toxic-Free Future can be a tax-wise contribution. If you own stock that has appreciated in value and would like to sell it, you would ordinarily pay capital gains taxes on the increased value. However, if you donate the stock to a charitable organization, it is exempt from taxation. Your donation will support Toxic-Free Future’s critical work, and you will be able to deduct the stock at its full market value. 

Transfer a gift of stock to Toxic-Free Future

You will need to work with both your broker or financial advisor and Toxic-Free Future. Please contact your broker to set the transaction in motion, and then contact our development associate at Toxic-Free Future to let us know about your plans before the transfer is made.

Development Associate
(206) 632-1545 ext 118

Your broker will need to know the name of the company whose stock you wish to transfer and the number of shares or approximate value. They’ll also need the following information about Toxic-Free Future’s brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co.

DTC 0164 Code 40
For credit to “Toxic-Free Future”
Account #4109-2350 Sustainable Future Fund

In order to promptly and accurately credit a stock gift to the appropriate donor, it is essential that the transfer instructions include your name and address.

The value of a stock gift is calculated by averaging the high and low quoted selling prices for the stock on the day of the transfer. Once your stock is received in our account, we will send you an acknowledgment letter which will include the value of the gift and the valuation date.

Planned Giving

A planned gift to Toxic-Free Future is a powerful and thoughtful way to share your dedication to Washington’s environmental health with future generations.


One of the easiest ways to protect our environment is to leave a charitable bequest to Toxic-Free Future. A bequest is a gift to an individual, institution or charity from an individual’s estate after the group has been named as a beneficiary in his or her will.

A bequest to Toxic-Free Future is free from federal and state taxes. The amount of the bequest is deducted from your estate total, offering substantial savings by decreasing the value of the estate subject to taxation. There is no limit to the amount of your estate that can be left to charitable organizations.

For gifts that take effect after your lifetime, we suggest you name Toxic-Free Future as follows: “…Toxic-Free Future, a nonprofit membership organization, incorporated by the laws of the State of Washington, having as its principal address 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Suite 540, Seattle, WA 98103.”

Retirement Plans

You can name Toxic-Free Future as a beneficiary of your 401(k), IRA, or other retirement accounts. Gifts from pension plans are issued free of federal taxes.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies allow several ways to give. You can donate a paid policy that you no longer need (smaller policies are often set up during child-raising years to provide support for spouses) by naming Toxic-Free Future as the beneficiary and policy owner. In return, you will receive an immediate tax deduction based on your cost basis in the policy, and it will reduce the value of your estate by the full face value of the policy, potentially reducing estate taxes. Upon your death, the life insurance proceeds will be passed on to Toxic-Free Future.


We suggest that you involve a legal advisor in making changes to your estate. If you have any questions about how these gifts are accepted or used at Toxic-Free Future, please contact our development associate at Thank you!

Workplace Giving

Toxic-Free Future is a member of EarthShare Washington, an alliance of leading environmental organizations. EarthShare Washington inspires employees to support the environment and partners with over 60 local businesses and government agencies to make workplace giving simple for their employees. Visit to find out more. To determine if your company is a member of EarthShare Washington click here.

How to Give at Your Workplace

Corporate Workplaces

Many prominent local businesses—including Amazon, Adobe, Cascade Designs and Microsoft—include EarthShare Washington in their workplace giving campaigns. Find EarthShare Washington on your payroll deduction pledge form and write Toxic-Free Future in as a specific designation.

Workplaces That Participate in United Way

If EarthShare Washington is not yet listed by your employer in your workplace giving campaign, you can designate a gift to Toxic-Free Future in the “specific organization” or “donor option” section of your pledge form.

Government Workplaces

If you work for the State of Washington, the University of Washington, Washington State University, the federal government, the City of Seattle, or King County, you can designate a gift, using Toxic-Free Future’s code number on your payroll pledge form. Look for Toxic-Free Future as a member group of EarthShare Washington or alphabetically in the index. Once you have found us write our code number on your payroll deduction pledge form.

Workplace Giving Codes:

  • King and Snohomish Counties Combined Federal Campaign: 35169
  • State of Washington Combined Fund Drive: 0315052
  • City of Seattle: 14010
  • King County: 9498

If you have any questions, please contact our development associate at 206-632-1545 ext. 118 or