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Pollution in our homes comes from a variety of sources including cleaning products, upholstery, home goods, cookware, flooring, clothing, and electronics.


The chemicals in these products escape and contaminate us. Some dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer, immune suppression, and reproductive harm continue to be used today.

Toxic-Free Future knows that when products are made with safe and toxic-free ingredients from the start, they won’t pose a threat later. Our homes are our refuge and should be safe from dangerous exposures to chemicals. Everyone deserves a healthy and toxic-free home environment.

We are...

  • Reducing the use of toxic chemicals in building materials, furniture, electronics, and other products found in the home
  • Empowering consumers to take actions that reduce toxic sources in their homes, such as harmful cleaning products, pesticides, toxic plastic flooring, and PFAS-treated furniture
  • Protecting breastfeeding parents and their infants from unnecessary toxic exposures in their homes
  • Educating lawmakers, retailers, and manufacturers about safer chemical practices and policies

Support our work in helping families take action to create toxic-free homes

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