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PFAS “Forever Chemicals” in Food Packaging and Wrappers

PFAS in food packaging is one of the largest uses of this dangerous class of chemicals. This is why one of Toxic-Free Future’s goals is to eliminate these toxic “forever chemicals” in food packaging.


PFAS “Forever Chemicals” in Clothing and Home Textiles

Toxic chemicals are often used in textiles such as rain jackets, other apparel, and home furnishings to make the products stain- and water-resistant. But these highly toxic “forever chemicals” do more than make textiles easy to care for. They are polluting drinking water, people, fish and other wildlife, and communities where the chemicals and products are produced and disposed of.

Stain- and water-resistant materials often contain PFAS.

PFAS “Forever Chemicals” in Firefighting Foam and Gear

Highly toxic, persistent PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), that are linked to cancer, are put into firefighting foam and are one of the major causes of drinking water contamination for millions of people across the country.