Gifts of stocks to Toxic-Free Future can be a tax-wise contribution. If you own stock that has appreciated in value and would like to sell it, you would ordinarily pay capital gains taxes on the increased value. However, if you donate the stock to a charitable organization, it is exempt from taxation. Your donation will support Toxic-Free Future’s critical work, and you will be able to deduct the stock at its full market value.

Transfer a gift of stock to Toxic-Free Future

You will need to work with both your broker or financial advisor and Toxic-Free Future. Please contact your broker to set the transaction in motion, and then contact our development associate at Toxic-Free Future to let us know about your plans before the transfer is made.

Jennifer Ahrens, Development Director
(206) 632-1545 ext 123

Your broker will need to know the name of the company whose stock you wish to transfer and the number of shares or approximate value. They’ll also need the following information about Toxic-Free Future’s brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co.

DTC 0164 Code 40 For credit to “Toxic-Free Future” Account #4109-2350 Sustainable Future Fund

In order to promptly and accurately credit a stock gift to the appropriate donor, it is essential that the transfer instructions include your name and address.

The value of a stock gift is calculated by averaging the high and low quoted selling prices for the stock on the day of the transfer. Once your stock is received in our account, we will send you an acknowledgment letter which will include the value of the gift and the valuation date.