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REI leadership addressed PFAS problem in annual member meeting but ignored nationwide pressure to end the use of toxic PFAS Members, customers, and health advocates express disappointment in REI’s failure to take action to protect our health and environment
Laws in 10 States Ban PFAS in Firefighting Foam and Gillibrand, Kildee Bill Would Fully Ban Use By 2024—including at Airports
Competitor Patagonia earns ‘B’ grade and praised for clear, time-bound commitments to phase out all PFAS from its apparel
New law makes Washington the first state in the nation to tackle PFAS in broad range of products such as apparel, cosmetics, and firefighter gear by 2025
Starbucks commits to eliminating PFAS from all U.S. packaging by the end of 2022, and international packaging in 2023 Toxic-Free Future and its Mind the Store program applaud this commitment and urge Congress to pass ban on PFAS in food packaging SEATTLE, WA—On March 15, 2022, international coffee giant Starbucks announced its first-ever commitment to […]
Toxic-Free Future urges Congress to act soon to ban PFAS in food packaging and for retailers to commit to ending use SEATTLE, WA—A new investigation released today by Consumer Reports found toxic “forever chemicals” appear to be widespread in packaging they tested from chain restaurants and grocery stores. According to Consumer Reports PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ […]
Restaurant Brands International commits to eliminating PFAS in food packaging by 2025 in all stores worldwide including Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes. Health advocates applaud commitment and urge Congress to pass federal ban on PFAS in food packaging.
Bill now moves to Governor’s desk OLYMPIA, WA—Today, the Washington State legislature sent a bill to Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s desk that steps up action on PFAS “forever chemicals” in products such as raincoats, apparel, and firefighter personal protective equipment. 
Bill Restricts PFAS “Forever Chemicals” and other Toxics Used in Cosmetics
Olympia, WA—Yesterday, the Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill to address toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in products such as rain coats, apparel, and firefighter personal protective equipment. 

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