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Interactive Map: Where are the largest vinyl chloride producers and disposal sites located?

This map highlights the locations of the largest vinyl chloride and PVC production plants in the United States and the facilities that receive the industry’s chlorinated chemical waste.

Click on the diamond symbols to read more information on each of these specific plants regarding air emissions of vinyl chloride, demographics, and chlorinated waste transfers to and from landfills, incinerators, and other sites.

Navigate this map by zooming in and out on certain facilities, using the search bar on the top right to find a specific location or the symbol in the near me icon located on the bottom of the map to find your current location.

The red symbol represents a vinyl chloride or PVC production plant in the U.S., the blue symbol represents a PVC production plant outside of the U.S., and the purple symbol represents an incinerator, landfill, or another waste-receiving facility.