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little girls at daycare
Finding great childcare requires a bit of detective work and delicate balancing as parents weigh priorities. Consider placing environmental health near the top of your checklist to minimize children’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Here are ten questions to ask.
New parents get advice on all sorts of topics, including cleaning: Use disinfecting wipes on every surface your baby touches and she’ll never get sick! Your kid’s hands aren’t washed clean until the soap smell proves it! In the media and at the store we’re deluged with messages on the best way for busy moms and dads to clean homes so that our kids are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, some of these messages are misleading and end up selling us cleaning products with chemical ingredients that may do more harm than good. We’ve debunked a few common myths to give solid advice on how to keep a clean, healthy home while reducing your family’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in cleaning products.