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Re: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2020-0465

Methylene chloride is associated with health effects like cancer, kidney and liver toxicity, and even death. EPA has known of these dangers for decades, with 85 documented deaths between 1980-2018.

Despite the availability of safer alternatives and evidence of multiple events when methylene chloride has killed quickly, EPA action on this dangerous chemical has been agonizingly slow. 

Recently, the EPA proposed a rule to eliminate most “manufacturing, processing and distribution of methylene chloride for all consumer uses and most industrial and commercial uses,” with time-limited exemptions for certain industries and federal agencies.

We’ve waited long enough. To protect workers and communities, tell EPA to quickly finalize a methylene chloride rule that bans most, if not all, uses of this dangerous chemical.

This rule will save lives – for consumers, workers, and communities.

Administrator Regan, we’ve waited long enough to ban methylene chloride!

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