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Tell the Washington Secretary of Health to protect our drinking water from cancer-causing PFAS chemicals

We are very concerned about the toxic non-stick PFAS chemicals that have contaminated drinking water in several communities across Washington state. Washington families should never have to worry about toxic chemicals in our drinking water!

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Kraft: Get rid of sources of toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals in food!

Join us in sending a message to The Kraft Heinz Company: Help American families protect their kids. Eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates in ALL your cheese products!

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Thank Costco!

Please send Costco an email thanking them for their recent announcement and asking them to keep moving forward towards a stronger safer chemicals policy!

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Detox Car Seat Challenge

Join us on calling on these major car seat manufacturers to end this toxic treadmill, clean up their product lines, remove toxic flame retardants, and protect kids’ health.

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Tell Governor Inslee to act on cancer-causing PFAS chemicals

Sign the petition to Governor Inslee urging quick action on PFAS chemicals. Washington state is developing a phaseout plan for these harmful chemicals that are polluting Whidbey Island wells and are used in many consumer products, including food packaging.

Help support a quick and strong phaseout plan!

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Calling All Costco Members Who Support Safer Products

“Oh no, not Costco!” That’s what tens of thousands of consumers are saying about the company’s failure to announce a public policy to reduce toxic chemicals in products sold in their stores. As a result, it’s time for us to take this campaign to the next level to convince Costco to “mind the store” and announce a safe chemicals policy, and we need Costco members to help!

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