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Demand chemical makers clean up the nonstick nightmare!

Up to 110 million Americans may have drinking water contaminated with nonstick “PFAS” chemicals. Enough is enough! It will cost billions to clean up the nonstick nightmare and right now, taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill.  It’s time to hold the chemical makers accountable. Sign the petition to #MakeThemPay! 


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No more wake-up calls! Take action today for Puget Sound orcas

It’s time we took real action in protecting orca whales from their imminent threat of extinction.  The recent death of the orca calf and the mourning its mother went through are alarm bells we can’t ignore any longer—for the whales AND for us. Our current approach to cleaning up and protecting Puget Sound needs to change. Join us in urging Governor Inslee’s Orca Task Force to recommend bold actions on toxics!

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Help protect orcas from toxic flame retardants!

Puget Sound’s orca whales are one of the most polluted marine mammals in the world. Toxic chemicals like flame retardants are building up in their bodies & causing a host of health problems. But we can change this! Please sign the petition supporting a ban on the use of these unnecessary toxic flame retardants in Washington.

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Sign the petition: urge the Washington Department of Health to act on toxic flame retardants

Sign the petition to urge the Washington Department of Health to issue a strong recommendation to the state legislature to ban organohalogen flame retardants.

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Thank Governor Inslee for protecting food & drinking water

It’s official! Governor Inslee just signed two bills to protect our food, water, and firefighters from toxic PFAS chemicals.

Washington is the first state in the nation to restrict cancer-causing PFAS chemicals in food packaging and firefighting foam.

Governor Inslee deserves a big thank you! Please send him a message today!

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Thank your legislators for voting to protect public and environmental health from harmful PFAS chemicals in food packaging

Your legislators heard your request loud and clear and voted in support of the bill to ban PFAS chemicals from food packaging. Please send them a “Thank You” email.

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Kraft: Get rid of sources of toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals in food!

Join us in sending a message to The Kraft Heinz Company: Help American families protect their kids. Eliminate ANY and ALL sources of phthalates in ALL your cheese products!

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