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Tell Burger King: Stop making toxic trash!

Testing has found that PFAS are likely being used in packaging for multiple items at Burger King—including the Whopper. And they sell more than 2 million Whoppers a day. Tell Burger King to stop using these toxic chemicals in their food packaging. 

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Ask Washington State leaders to take stronger, swifter action against PFAS

Washington State’s Department of Ecology has proposed a chemical action plan for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that falls short when it comes to protecting our families and communities from these toxic forever chemicals. We need your voice to urge our state leaders to recommend and adopt stronger, swifter actions to end all uses of PFAS. Will you send a comment today?

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Tell McDonald's: Stop packaging your food in pollution!

Over a million Big Mac boxes are used and discarded each day. And new test results show that those boxes may be contributing to the PFAS “forever chemicals” pollution crisis. PFAS have been linked to increased risk for certain cancers, immune system suppression, and reduced birth weight. Tell McDonald’s: Your customers don’t want these chemicals in their food. And no one wants them polluting the environment forever, either!

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Tell the Senate: Protect consumers, not the chemical industry

Tell Congress to reject Nancy Beck’s nomination. 

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Ask the Department of Ecology to Take Strong Action on Toxics in Products!

The Safer Products for Washington Act gives our state regulators the authority to identify and take action on toxic chemicals in products used in our homes, schools, and workplaces. The agency has proposed a strong list of products that are widely used from toxic flame retardants in TVs to PFAS in carpet. Their list is a great start, but overlooks several key sources of dangerous toxic chemicals.

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Act Now to Phase Out ALL Uses of PFAS Firefighting Foam!

The Safer Firefighting Foam Act will finish the job started two years ago and put all users on a timeline for phasing out PFAS foams—protecting the safety of our drinking water, other bodies of water, and the health of firefighters. Please urge your legislators to support this important bill!

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Take Action for Strong Drinking Water Standards for PFAS Chemicals in Washington State!

A few years ago, toxic PFAS chemicals were found in the drinking water serving 100,000 Washington residents. The Department of Health is working on creating drinking water standards for these highly toxic chemicals–please weigh in with your comment today!

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Starbucks and Nordstrom: Step Up Actions on Toxic Chemicals

The 2019 Who’s Minding the Store? report card is out, and Washington-based retailers Starbucks and Nordstrom earned F grades for failing to publicly address the safety of their products and packaging. Join us in urging them to do better!

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Best Buy: Protect Americans From Toxic Plastic Chemicals Banned in European TVs

TVs containing hazardous flame retardants in their plastic casings can release them into the air and dust—exposing a family in their own home. Tell Best Buy, the #1 North American electronics retailer, to stop selling TVs with plastic containing toxic flame retardants families!

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Thank Your Legislators for Voting YES to Protect Our Future!

Legislators deserve a big thank you for standing up to pressure from the chemical industry and passing the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act!

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Help Us Over the Finish Line!

Less than a week remains for the Washington State Legislature to pass the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act. This bill is the bold action we need to protect our future from toxic chemicals. Please contact your legislators now urging their support!

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Action Alert: Save the Swimmers!

What do sperm, kids, salmon, and orcas have in common besides that they all swim? All can be harmed by toxic chemicals put in consumer products, and all need our help!

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Act Now to Protect Kids From Toxic Chemicals

Thousands of kids’ products sold in Washington continue to contain chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and learning problems. These chemicals have no business in products for kids! Send your legislators an email urging their support of the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act!

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Act Now for Future Generations!

Help save the swimmers! The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act will tackle harmful chemicals like phthalates and others linked to fertility issues and provide the protection the little guys need. Please send a message to your state legislators urging their support of this important bill!

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Take Action for Orcas: Contact Your Legislators!

With a new baby orca swimming with the Southern Resident orca population, it’s time to strengthen our resolve to act now for orcas. Please send a message to your legislators urging them to act on the three biggest threats to orcas: their lack of food, impacts from noise, and toxic pollution.

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Ask your legislators to support the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act!

Washington’s legislative session has begun and that means another chance to win some victories on toxics. The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act is the bold action we need to help protect our future, orcas, and human health. Please encourage your legislators to support this bill by sending a message now!

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Tell Starbucks and Nordstrom to take action on toxics!

The third annual Who’s Minding the Store? report card ranks 40 top retailers on their actions on toxic chemicals. Washington state-based retailers Starbucks and Nordstrom received failing grades. With one click, you can send a message Starbucks and Nordstrom and demand that they protect customers from toxic chemicals!

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Demand chemical makers clean up the nonstick nightmare!

Up to 110 million Americans may have drinking water contaminated with nonstick “PFAS” chemicals. Enough is enough! It will cost billions to clean up the nonstick nightmare and right now, taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill.  It’s time to hold the chemical makers accountable. Sign the petition to #MakeThemPay! 


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Sign the petition: urge the Washington Department of Health to act on toxic flame retardants

Sign the petition to urge the Washington Department of Health to issue a strong recommendation to the state legislature to ban organohalogen flame retardants.

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