The Department of Health is creating drinking water standards for PFAS, toxic chemicals that have been found in the water supplies serving around 100,000 Washington residents. They originally planned to adopt a final rule by August 2020 but are now proposing an unacceptable one-year delay.

This is our chance to make sure that protections from PFAS chemicals in drinking water move forward! Please send a message to the Department of Health today.

PFAS chemicals are associated with cancer, hormone disruption, and immune system. PFAS are so mobile and persistent that their release into the environment poses a major risk to our drinking water supplies. The implementation of drinking water standards is essential to ensure that Washington residents have safe drinking water.

We urge the Department of Health to move forward without further delay and adopt strong drinking water standards for PFAS that include the following:

  1. More comprehensive testing: The draft rule requires testing for PFAS in drinking water for the largest water systems in the state but leaves out places like churches, motels, and parks. It also leaves out smaller water systems and private wells. All drinking water should be tested to ensure there is no PFAS contamination. DOH should pursue resources to help fund testing of smaller systems.
  2. Action Levels for all PFAS: The draft action levels only cover 5 PFAS, but there are over 4500 PFAS. It is important to address all PFAS.
  3. Requirements for Action: The draft rule says that if levels are exceeded, public notice is required. But the rule needs to also ensure that if the levels are exceeded, DOH will require treatment for all PFAS.

Please help protect drinking water in Washington State and submit your comment today!