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(Olympia, WA) — The Washington state Department of Ecology (Ecology) has announced products and chemicals it is targeting under the state’s precedent-setting law, the Safer Products for Washington Act. The Act—the nation’s strongest—directs Ecology to regulate harmful chemicals in a wide range of products, from plastics to personal care products.

Ecology has announced it will be researching the following product/chemical combinations for possible regulatory action:

  • PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in carpet and carpet treatments;
  • Flame retardants in electronics, building insulation, and foam used for furniture and children’s products;
  • Phthalates in vinyl flooring and cosmetic fragrances;
  • Phenolic compounds (bisphenols) in can linings, thermal paper; and,
  • PCBs in printing inks.

“This is an important first step to ending the toxic pollution from products contaminating our homes, food, waterways and bodies,” said Laurie Valeriano Executive Director of Toxic-Free Future. “With this bold new law, Washington state has a huge opportunity to drive the demand for sustainable products and be a place where innovation thrives to prevent pollution and disease.”

Toxic-Free Future urges the agency to also research and identify actions on PFAS in upholstery and other textiles; PFAS in firefighting foam used by refineries, chemical plants, the military and others; phthalates in plastic food contact materials; and phenolic compounds in paint.

More information on the Safer Products for Washington Act can be found here:

More information on Ecology’s announcement can be found here:


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