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No one should have to take unnecessary risks to their health to earn a paycheck.


But whether their workplace is a factory, a retail store, or an office building, far too many workers are surrounded by chemical hazards day in and day out.

Good jobs are healthy jobs. That’s why Toxic-Free Future educates policymakers and retailers about how they can help build healthy workplaces. We work to change policies so that the norm is safer solutions, instead of hazardous workplaces.

One of our most enduring and powerful partnerships has been with workers who have borne the brunt of the failure to make products and buildings safe—firefighters. Devastated by high rates of cancer, firefighters are passionate advocates for getting toxics out of products. Together, we have succeeded in passing bans on toxic flame retardants, moving the firefighting foam market away from PFAS-based foam toward safer replacements, and addressing PFAS in the protective gear firefighters wear.

We are...

  • Protecting workers at chemical plants and oil and gas refineries by reducing the demand for dangerous chemicals
  • Ending the use of PFAS in firefighting foam and firefighter turnout gear 
  • Stopping the use of deadly methylene chloride-based paint strippers on the job
  • Winning restrictions on the use of asbestos
  • Reducing the use of toxic chemicals in building materials and furniture to protect everyone who works inside, whether in an office, school, restaurant, or other space

Support our work in helping employers and workers create toxic-free workplaces