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Art Contest Winners!

by Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director

Judging our art contest was kind of like being an American Idol judge during the finale. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that stressful, but let me say that the talented artists blew us away.

While my personal artistic abilities fall short of fitting in the lines of my niece’s Harry Potter coloring book, I take inspiration from the images of a ‘safe and healthy future.’

Art submissions came in from children across the country, ranging from ages one to 18. To view all of the art, please watch our video below. 

Our team of judges spent careful time and consideration judging the art based on the following criteria: overall composition, creativity and how well the art reflected our theme and work. 

As organizers, we get to be creative. We need to be creative as we engage our members, the public and our elected leaders. So while I may not be able to draw, paint or sculpt, I take inspiration from the many young people that took time to share their art with us. 

I am proud to announce the winners of our Art Contest: 

First Place:

Lillie, age 1, North Carolina: “Lillie loves to pick up shells. Our family hopes the future will have clean blue skies, beaches, and seafood that we all can enjoy!” – Libby, Lillie’s mom.

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Angelina, age 10, California: “I hope the ocean will always be as blue as in my painting, but sometimes I can’t swim because chemicals washed into the ocean.”

Christopher, age 15, California: “My painting is about the shocking contrast between clean and dirty environments that are often so close together, like in and outside of Los Angeles.”

Second place: 

Haven, Rhode Island: “Our family dreams of blue skies and clean air for the future of all kids.” – Katie, Haven’s mom


Jackson, Virginia: “Well, I was thinking of doing a super hero as my theme so I was thinking about what could mix with non-toxic chemicals that could be safe to the environment/earth and the moment I thought about the word “safe” Safety Man came to me.”

Shannon, New York: “Coexisting with nature doesn’t necessarily mean ditching technology. We must balance our need for technology and our need to protect nature.”

Honorable Mention:  Jorge, Illinois


Thanks for participating in this new venture and campaign. I hope you had as much fun as we did.