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Breast cancer study: Cut exposure to 17 high priority chemicals


Washington, DC – A new peer reviewed study published in Environmental Health Perspectives has identified 17 high-priority chemicals women should avoid in order to reduce such risk and demonstrates how their presence can be detected. The study was authored by scientists at the Silent Spring Institute. The study comes as the House of Representatives considers legislation known as the “Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA),” that has been derided by dozens of health groups.

Andy Igrejas, director of Safer Chemicals, Healty Families, a coalition of 450 health, environmental, labor and business groups said:

“Today’s study reminds us that right now, we know enough about a number of harmful chemicals that we could take action to reduce breast cancer. But our federal law let that happen and instead of improving it, Congress is poised to weaken it further on behalf of the chemical industry.

“Real reform will allow EPA to act on the kind of evidence this study presents and put in place the restrictions on toxic chemicals that could save lives. We’re holding out for real reform.”

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