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Campaign Update: Where we stand in the fight against PFAS chemicals

Earlier this year with your help, we convinced the State Board of Health to develop drinking water standards for the extremely persistent and toxic nonstick chemicals called “PFAS” chemicals. Now we need to tackle the sources of these chemicals to prevent future contamination of our water, food, and environment.

 width=At Toxic-Free Future, we’re gearing up for the 2018 legislative session, which starts in January. Our number one priority this session is tackling extremely persistent toxic nonstick chemicals in food packaging. These “PFAS chemicals” are used in everything from convenience food wrappers to microwave popcorn. The chemicals don’t stay in the packages, but get into the food, and increasing in concentration when the packaging is heated.

Before the legislative session starts, the Department of Ecology is considering recommendations for phasing out sources of PFAS chemicals, like food packaging and firefighting foam. These are sources that are responsible in part for PFASs in our food, our bodies, and the environment. width=Can you sign the petition to the Department of Ecology letting them know you want PFAS chemicals out of your food and drinking water?

We can’t win these priorities without support from you! Thank you for lending your voice and putting us all one step closer to a toxic-free future.

Laurie Valeriano
Executive Director