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Critical Deadline to Protect Drinking Water!

As communities across Washington state face drinking water contaminated with cancer-causing PFAS chemicals, our campaign to win strong drinking water standards for these chemicals is approaching a critical deadline. We need your help!

The Good News:

This summer we asked the Department of Health to start the process for putting in place drinking water standards for PFAS chemicals. In response to our request, the Board of Health will be considering whether to move forward with drinking water standards for these chemicals on October 11th! We’re one step closer to securing drinking water free of cancer-causing PFAS chemicals.

The (Sort of Not Really) Bad News:

Our fight is just beginning for stronger drinking water standards and the first big deadline is just a few short weeks away. We need to show both the Department of Health and the Board of Health that Washingtonians don’t want their drinking water contaminated with nonstick chemicals!

Please take a minute to add your name to the petition in support of strong drinking water standards and tell your friends to sign too! We’ve even got an easy form to let your friends know about this important issue. And don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter!