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Five Ways Toxic-Free Future Packed a Punch in 2018

Toxic-Free Future had a busy year fighting chemical supervillains. The support of our partners, action takers, and donors gave Toxic-Free Future the SUPERPOWERS we needed to win strong health protections for families, communities, and the environment in Washington State and beyond.

Protecting Washington Families from Toxic Drinking Water and Firefighters from Toxic Exposures

Working with the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, Toxic-Free Future presented an impenetrable front and stood up to the chemical industry to win passage of a first-in­ the-nation ban on toxic PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam. The ban is big win for families and firefighters and provides a model and the momentum for other states to pass their own restrictions.

Moving a Retail Giant Down the Path to Toxic-Free Products 

With the Mind the Store Campaign, Toxic-Free Future used our strong science-based powers of persuasion to get Amazon to adopt a chemical policy that will reduce the use of harmful chemicals in their personal care products, cosmetics, and detergents. Because fewer dangerous chemicals in products means fewer dangerous chemicals in our homes and bodies, Amazon’ s action can protect consumer health and move other retailers to do the same.

Keeping Harmful PFAS Out of Food and the Environment

Toxic-Free Future combined powers with state legislators and over 40 coalition partners to win passage of a groundbreaking law to keep toxic nonstick chemicals (PFAS) out of paper food packaging. By eliminating these chemicals from food packaging, we protect our food, compost, and environment.

Defending Kids from Toxic Flame Retardants in Nap Mats

Toxic-Free Future used our super science to show policymakers that by removing flame retardant-containing nap mats from daycares, we could significantly reduce kids’ exposure to the harmful chemicals. Now we’re work ing with childcare providers and policymakers to ensure all childcares have access to flame retardant-free nap mats.

Safeguarding Drinking Water in Communities Nationwide

Taking our superpowers national, we helped convince Congress to allow airports across the country to use PFAS-free firefighting foam. PFAS chemicals from firefighting foam now 0contaminate the drinking water of millions of Americans, including in Washington State, and threaten firefighter health. This helps move the country closer to ending the use of toxic firefighting foam once and for all.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this work! Up, up and away to future victories!