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Healthy Families Day of Action Round Up!

By Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director

Facebook-stand-with-kidsIt is days like yesterday that keep me
inspired to work towards a safer chemicals future. Thousands of individuals,
and hundreds of organizations and businesses participated in our Healthy
Families Day of Action

Events took place in dozens of states
including a giant postcard signing in New York City and a film screening in

Our Safer Chemicals bloggers really helped
spread the word as well, here is a summary of the great blogs that ran
yesterday. You’ll find a range of calls to action and personal stories, please
check them out!

Anna at GreentalkAnd yes, this fight for the passage of this Act is personal.  For many of you who don’t know, all four of my
boys have learning disabilities, two have ADD, and one
has juvenile diabetes. Read more…

Shane at Environmental
One of my
daughter’s friends asked her yesterday why I was so worried about
chemicals.  My daughter’s answer was priceless, “Because lot’s of
them are bad for us, that’s why.” she said. Read

Becki at Organic
 – If, like me, you can’t afford to replace your furniture and all of your
other products that emit chemicals, urge your congress person to stand up for kids and NOT Big Chemical!  There is a Safe Chemical Agenda that they can
side with, and let’s make our voices clear. Read

NycAnne at Flour Sack Mama
along the way, I learned about calling and writing my Congressional leaders,
not because I wanted to get involved in politics, but because I got concerned
about the issues. Read

Lindsay on Healthy
Child Healthy World –
Lawmakers, industry and pundits
have tried to make regulation a dirty word, but when it comes to toxic
chemicals the vast majority
of Americans want strong regulations. I think it’s time we share that message
far and wide. Read

Katy at Non-Toxic KidsWhile
more and more women die of breast cancer at younger and younger ages. While we
learn that low levels of BPA
and lead can
be more harmful than we ever thought possible. No action. Read

Lori at Groovy Green Livin’ – We already know that
girls are maturing at a younger age, with many starting to develop breasts
as early as age 7 or 8. Just this week research was
released showing American boys are showing signs of starting
puberty six months to two years earlier than they did 30 to 40 years ago. Read

Alexandra at Wellfleet Today – The situation has gotten steadily
worse since the end of World War II when chemical companies looked for
non-wartime applications for newly invented synthetic compounds. Read more…

Lindsay on Care2
I just walked past a popular food chain to
find people carrying their salads in bright pink, plastic, to-go containers. Breast Cancer
Awareness month should be commended; it has done a lot to bring
breast cancer into the public forum, allowing people to share their stories and
build community. But why is the conversation always about the cure and never
the cause of cancer? Read