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Is there formaldehyde in the personal care products you use?

Do you use any of these products?!

The Washington Department of Ecology tested 50 products marketed to or used by people of color and found high levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in certain hair products, creams, and lotions.

Even our science director was alarmed to learn that one of the products with the highest levels was used on her teenage daughter. When even an expert in toxic chemicals is surprised by these results, we know we have a problem!

Formaldehyde is not listed on the ingredient lists of these products. They contain other chemicals that release formaldehyde over time, making it difficult for consumers to choose safe products or know what to avoid.

We all deserve to know that the products we use on our skin and hair are safe! We are working at the state and marketplace level to restrict chemicals like formaldehydePFAS, lead, and phthalates that have no business being in beauty products.

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