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It’s All Adding Up: Even More Support For Banning Toxic Flame Retardants

Support for getting toxic flame retardants out of home furniture and kids products continues to grow! We’re excited to welcome the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) as a supporter of the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act, a bill to ban toxic flame retardants in certain consumer products.

ACS CAN is the non-profit, non-partisan advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society and supports evidence-based policy and legislative solutions designed to eliminate cancer as a major health problem.

“ACS CAN is proud to support the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act,” said Mary McHale, state government relations director for ACS CAN in Washington. “This legislation is a step in the right direction.  It begins the process of eliminating these toxic chemicals from some consumer products, and in turn the environment and in people, with an emphasis on protecting children.  The bill represents evidence-based risk reduction.”

Over 60 organizations now support getting rid of toxic flame retardants in home furniture and children’s products, including the Washington State Nurses Association, the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Washington State Council Of Fire Fighters, and the Latino Community Fund.

Tens of thousands of firefighters, nurses, pediatricians, faith leaders, and citizens, plus 95 Democratic and Republican House legislators who voted in favor of the bill last year, support a strong ban on toxic flame retardants.

Our math says this should add up to a win for public health in Olympia this January!

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