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Join the Million Baby Crawl

By Margie Kelly, Communications Director

Today, Seventh Generation is launching the Million Baby
Crawl, a whimsical, virtual rally in which cyber babies descend on Washington, D.C.
to make a stink about all the toxic chemicals
invading their bodies

Go to to create your
very own crawler, watch videos of babies pontificating atop soap-boxes, and
spread the word. Seventh Generation wants to attract a million or more crawlers
to dramatize the wide public support for overhauling the Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSCA). Every crawler represents a virtual signature on a petition,
which will be delivered to Washington, D.C. in January, 2010.

Seventh Generation is providing a great boost to the Safer
Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, using its creative marketing know-how to
capture the attention of Congress at a key moment in our campaign. So join the
Crawl. It promises to be a real bawl.

Check out Seventh Generation’s Q&A
with Dr. Alan Greene
, a practicing pediatrician
and expert on family health issues.